Chinatown Apartment Building

An upscale new apartment building in Chinatown. We did the waterproofing at the courtyards, walkways and pool decks with hot rubberized waterproofing system .Balconies were done with Pli-Dek waterproofing system and the below grade waterproofing and planters with Tremco products.

Santa Monica Dog House

Santa Monica Courtyard- From cracked asphalt to stable Pli-Dek underlayment and beautiful custom design stamp Polymer modified concrete overlayment

Media Center Burbank - Consist of 14 separate Apartment Buildings

Entrances courtyards and pool decks. We applied stamp polymer modified concrete overlayment over existing  old damaged flat concrete. This is  a 10 year old job  that was recoated 2 years ago. From old cracked ugly concrete to a beautiful impressive custom design

Wilshire Office Building Parking Lot

Custom design european fan stamp Polymer modified concrete overlayment.  This job was done more than 10 years ago and was never resealed, repaired or treated in any way

Private Resident- Deck System
This is a custom  stained roof/ deck system , with a strong  and  excellent elastomeric properties, this is really a  state of the art waterproofing  roof/deck. It is tough, beautifful and cleanable.